Paisley First supremo Ian Henderson booked a meeting with MP Mhairi Black to help promote their Christmas sticker album.

The regeneration group is set to launch a children’s book entitled The Pride of Paisley Christmas Adventure in its latest promotion and the Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP visited Mr Henderson’s offices to discuss how she could help.

He Said: “It was good to meet Mhairi and that was the first time I had been properly introduced to her.


“She is a very positive person and was very interested in our booklet, the Christmas Adventure, where the story of Santa visiting Paisley is told in a wonderful, cartoon book with scenes of the town and stickers for the children to collect.

“A total of 25 of our town centre stores are taking part in the event and children will visit each one with prizes for the first to complete the collection.

“We have printed 10,000 books that look great and have a very good storyline.”


Paisley First project leader Melanie Hughes set up the meeting with the MP for Mr Henderson and his manager Andrew Mitchell.

Mr Henderson: “Mhairi is very, very supportive of what we are doing in the town and said if there was anything she could do to help then to contact her.

“Paisley is obviously close to her heart and she’ll make herself available if there was anything else we could suggest to help with the town centre.

“She is a breath of fresh air and I was delighted to meet her.”

The Pride of Paisley Christmas Adventure book will bring the lions back out onto the streets of Paisley to help Santa deliver Christmas presents to the children of Paisley and Renfrewshire.

Within the book, there will be a trail whereby children (and their parents) will visit Paisley’s shops, cafes, restaurants etc. and collect stickers which will be stuck into their book.  At this time we are looking for our members to agree to be an outlet to pass on the stickers.  Paisley First will provide the stickers to your business or organisation FREE of charge.

This is a fantastic opportunity for increased footfall to your business.

10,000 books will be distributed to primary schools in Renfrewshire and all other suitable outlets.

To take part all you need to do is contact the Paisley First Office either by phone or email