The Paisley First Business Improvement District is a non-profit organisation comprised of over 600 businesses from within Paisley town centre. A powerful business led collaboration made up of commercial tenants and property owners, investing their hard earned cash in promoting business development and improving an area’s quality of life.

Businesses within a defined area work together and invest collectively in priority issues they themselves have identified and agreed upon. Addressing these issues will not only benefit their business, it will also contribute, and have a sizeable impact on, the sustainable economic growth of the local economy and community. A BID becomes a strong voice and advocates on behalf of its membership on important issues locally, nationally and politically.

There is a range of issues that BIDs across the world seek to address, from reducing business costs, making town centres safer and cleaner. Introducing proactive marketing and promotional campaigns allied to events, which create new platforms for economic growth.

There are 20 BIDs in existence in Scotland at present and many being developed across a range of sectors. Across Britain, there are over 155 BIDs while legislation has now been passed in Northern Ireland to allow BIDs to be formed there.

More detailed information about ‘What is a BID’ can be found here >